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Determinants of a Suitable Storage Unit

You can rent a storage unit to keep some of your items as you move to a new apartment for you to take later when you have arranged your apartment and created space for them. Use the following guidelines to rent a suitable storage unit.

The storage unit should be at a convenient location. The longer the distance, the more you will pay to transport your possessions to and from the storage unit. You can periodically check the condition of your items at the closest storage unit quickly and like a storage unit that is far away.

Find out the security measures that have been implemented at the storage unit and determine if they are enough to secure your possessions. A guard at the entry and exit of the storage unit can identify an intruder quickly when the alarm goes off unlike the CCTV camera that can only be used after the crime has been committed. There should be a fence around the premises. The storage units should have smoke detectors, fire alarms and other modern systems that can alert the staff so that they save the items from the storage unit if there is a fire.

There are different sizes of storage units, and some of them may be too small or too large for the size and number of things you need to store. The storage units that are too large should be used to store large or many items so that you optimally use the space you have paid for. You should avoid renting small storage units when you have life-sized or many items because some of them will be destroyed when you pile them.

The storage unit should have facilities that prevent climatic conditions from ruining your items. You need a storage unit that has sufficient air conditioning systems to control temperatures and moisture in the air unit so that your essential belongings such as documents, furniture, and electronics remain in good condition. Determine if the storage unit has systems that regulate temperature and so that mold and mildew do not thrive in the unit and end up growing on your belongings. A suitable unit should have adequate drainage systems, gutters, and drive-ways that have been graded so that there is no damage to your belongings.

The storage unit service providers should provide excellent customer services. Find out about the customer experience of the storage unit providers from your referrals. The services of the customer care determines the quality of services you’ll get from the storage unit. You should be able to use different communication mediums such as phone calls, email, fax mail, and others to reach them.

Find an accessible storage unit. Do not consider storage unit that is not open during the weekends because you may be too busy to access your possessions in the weekdays. Find out about the opening hours of the storage unit because you need one that you can access in the evening after work. You can look for a storage unit that gives access code to the customer for weekend entry into the premises when you need your things.

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